Building a better business does not have to be taxing

Building a better business

Financial security remains one of the most important aspects of our financial lives, yet often they are not dealt with, or dealt with on an irregular basis. The financial market place is continually changing with new products being launched monthly as well as constant reviews of old policies.

It is the view of Building a better businesst that all clients should regularly review their finances, both personal and business, to ensure all opportunities are being discussed and actioned when appropriate.

A no-cost review is the starting point and we would urge all clients to allocate time in their busy weeks to complete such a review.

Areas that have changed dramatically in recent years are:

a.   Pensions

  • The options at retirement are now far more flexible than ever before.
  • The charges on new pensions are the lowest they have ever been.
  • Property purchase within a pension is now more and more common and excellent tax planning.

b.   Life Insurance

  • If you haven't reviewed the cost of your life insurance recently then it is almost certain to be available at less than you are paying today.

c.   Critical Illness Cover

  • Is more and more appropriate to modern lifestyles and should be part of your family and business protection portfolio.

d.   Inheritance Tax

  • With property prices zooming forever upwards, estate planning for Inheritance Tax mitigation is applicable to an increasing number of people.

e.   Investing for Income

  • Remains an area that clients regularly take our advice upon.

f.   Mortgages

  • Is yours competitive and appropriate to your personal circumstances?


Building a better business does not have to be taxing

Why not?

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